Simple Git Tutorial

Git Workflow (Image courtesy WSO2 Team)

git clone<username>/solution-architecture-patterns.git

git remote set-url origin

git remote set-url — push origin<username>/solution-architecture-patterns.git

git remote show origin

* remote origin
Fetch URL:
Push URL:<username>/solution-architecture-patterns.git
HEAD branch: master
Remote branch:
master tracked
Local branch configured for ‘git pull’:
master merges with remote master
Local ref configured for ‘git push’:
master pushes to master (fast-forwardable)

git commit -m “commit message”

git pull (pull the changes from the original repository)

git push (push the local changes to the remote forked repository)

git checkout -b feature1 master

git branch

git commit -m “commit message”

git checkout master

git pull

git push

git checkout feature1

git rebase master

git push origin feature1



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