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Knowledge is power, let’s be powerful

I recently took a break from my work and start investigating things that I can do outside my area of work (job). I have previously used platforms like Coursera and edX to gain knowledge on some of the topics related to my work and it helped a lot to improve my knowledge. During my break, I started falling in love with Data Science and Artificial Intelligence. Then I wanted to learn the subject and I started looking for good courses on platforms like Coursera and edX. The number of courses I could find on these platforms and their quality surprised me big time. In this post, I’m sharing my experience and suggesting you become more powerful with MOOCs.

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I was able to find programs and courses to start learning data science and machine learning from the world’s top educational institutions such as Harvard, MIT, Stanford, UC Berkely, John’s Hopkins, and many others. The best of all is that almost all of these courses can be done for free. Basically, I can learn the content in the entire course without spending a penny. These platforms call this “audit” the course. If you need to get a verified certificate and complete all the assignments and tests in the course, you can do that also for a somewhat cheap price ($50 — $200) comparing to the cost of tuition of these institutes.

The bottom line of my story is that, if you have the willingness to learn something, it can be

  • Happiness
  • Biology
  • Communication
  • Child Care
  • Nursing
  • Leadership
  • absolutely anything …

You can learn it from the comfort of your home without spending a penny. On the other hand, it does not matter whether you are a teenager, young, adult, black, white, man, woman. These platforms have broken the limits of education. As Nelson Mandela once said

Now is the time to make it real.

If you are looking to get a bachelor’s or master’s degree, that is also possible via these platforms. As you could expect, the cost for such programs is comparatively higher. But lower than the actual cost of those institutes if you do the degree as an inmate.

All in all, if you are not using these platforms, start using them as soon as possible. You would definitely fall in love with something that you would love to explore. It can be for improving your professional career or personal development. As Steve Jobs said

Given below are the links to some of these great platforms.

Happy learning!

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