Let’s implement microservices security for real-world use cases


One common argument that people bring against the microservices architecture is that it increases the security risk of the application by expanding the risk surface. This is true in the sense that when we have more microservices exposing functionality to external consumers…

Let’s build enterprise platforms with microservices using NATS

Just released!

It is a great and humble feeling to release my very first book “Designing Microservices Platforms with NATS” on 19th November 2021 (first edition).

Cover Image of Designing Microservices Platforms with NATS

You can read it through Amazon, Barnes and Nobel, Packt, and other distributors worldwide.

Why another microservices book?

I hear you! Why…

Let’s talk about microservices in real-world enterprise systems


Enterprise software systems consist of multiple applications, systems, and data sources. Microservices architecture-based applications are only a part of an enterprise software system in most practical scenarios. There are many other applications that are built by different vendors which do not follow…

Let’s build real-world enterprise platforms with microservices


Most of the developers and architects who work in the enterprise domain have to deal with the reality of brown-field enterprise platforms that has many distinct applications, services, and data sources. These enterprise platforms become more and more complicated with time no matter…

Chanaka Fernando

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