Let’s build real-world enterprise platforms with microservices


Most of the developers and architects who work in the enterprise domain have to deal with the reality of brown-field enterprise platforms that has many distinct applications, services, and data sources. These enterprise platforms become more and more complicated with time no matter…

How to build microservices with first principles

Microservices are becoming a commodity in the enterprise world. The reason being the agility and the modularity it brings to the software development and delivery process. It is not that difficult to getting started with the microservices since there are enough tools and…

How microservices can be built with an iPaaS platform like Choreo


Building applications with microservices architecture helps organizations to provide great experiences to the users regardless of the scale of the demand. But it is not that simple to build and manage a microservices-based application platform.

Integration Platform as a…


We are living in an era of innovation like never before. Consumer-driven businesses (95% of businesses are like this) are competing with each other to get as many customers as possible under their roof. Almost all the products and services that we can imagine are available at the fingertips of…

Let’s save the world from the energy crisis with the use of IT!


Urbanization is bringing more and more people to cities. The technological advancements in consumer electronics make more and more people use those devices than ever before. It makes the demand for energy keeps increasing. Even though renewable…

Knowledge is power, let’s be powerful

I recently took a break from my work and start investigating things that I can do outside my area of work (job). I have previously used platforms like Coursera and edX to gain knowledge on some of the topics related to my work and…

Let’s learn about WSO2’s latest iPaas solution Choreo

Choreo public beta announced!

WSO2 team is thrilled to announce the public beta of its latest innovation, Choreo, an integration platform as a service (iPaaS) on 15th June 2021.

Source: https://wso2.com/choreo/blogs/wso2-choreo-a-platform-for-innovation/

You can find the press release of the announcement in the link below.

What is Choreo?


How to build an API Management platform to cater to your business needs?


This is the 3rd part of the tutorial on the topic and we discussed the business goals, KPIs, and a practical example of an organization using API Management to grow its business in part I and part…

Let’s find out how API Management can help grow your business


This is the second part of our tutorial on the business aspect of the API Management platforms. …

What is the correlation between business growth and API Management?


APIs are the digital connectors that act as the interface between business data and consumers. APIs allow organizations to convert data into money through innovative ideas. API platforms are becoming a mandatory part of the IT ecosystem across many industries…

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