Let’s build an enterprise platform for continuous innovation


We are living in an era of innovation like never before. Consumer-driven businesses (95% of businesses are like this) are competing with each other to get as many customers as possible under their roof. Almost all the products and services that we can imagine are available at the fingertips of the customer. Business leaders should take decisions instantly about new products and services. Hence the innovation plays a pivotal role in the success of any business in the modern digital economy.

Enterprise IT platform is considered as a supportive function for business operations that just sit in a data center…

Let’s save the world from the energy crisis with the use of IT!


Urbanization is bringing more and more people to cities. The technological advancements in consumer electronics make more and more people use those devices than ever before. It makes the demand for energy keeps increasing. Even though renewable energy is becoming more and more usable and cost-effective, it is yet to fulfill the continuity requirement of energy demand. Building more and more traditional energy-producing plants (e.g. coal) is impacting “climate change”. We should reduce the carbon footprint. It is a quite complicated problem to solve. At the same…

Let’s build a platform for modern automobiles to move intelligently


One of the most popular TV series from the ’90s is “Knight Rider” which is a show about a self-driving car called “Kit” and a selfless man called “Michael”. That show really made a huge impact on people’s minds regarding the possibility of manufacturing driverless cars or autonomous vehicles. The term “self-driving cars” became one of the major goals of the automotive industry. Even though the world is not there yet, we are getting closer to see something similar in the real world.

Having said that, the automotive industry is…

A reference deployment architecture for WSO2 on AWS


WSO2 is an open-source, enterprise middleware platform that offers software products for API Management, Integration and Identity, and Access Management. WSO2 products can be deployed on infrastructure platforms such as

  • On-premise physical hardware
  • Virtual machines
  • Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) platforms such as


— Azure


In addition to these customer-managed infrastructure platforms, WSO2 also has a fully managed cloud version of the products as Software as a Service (SaaS) offering. Having said that, AWS is still the most popular and comprehensive cloud infrastructure for deploying applications on the…

A GitHub repository that collects WSO2 resources on the internet


Having a lot of resources about a specific topic on the internet is great. At the same time, it is challenging and becomes a bottleneck when we need to find something quickly. Sometimes having the required information in one place where we can easily find the relevant details helps to get things done easier.

A good 20 years ago, Microsoft Encarta was one of the most popular digital encyclopedias used by many of us as students and I loved every bit of it. It was the Wikipedia of that age…

World’s simplest Git tutorial for quick reference

Git Workflow (Image courtesy WSO2 Team)
  1. Fork the repository that you want to work with by visiting the Git repository and clicking the “Fork” button in the top right-hand corner. We’ll be using the below repository as the example in this tutorial.


It will take a moment to fork the repository to your GitHub account or organization that you select when forking…

2. Click on the “Code” button and copy the clone URL

3. Install the “Git” CLI tool in your workstation (laptop, desktop, VM) if you have not installed it yet.

4. Clone the forked repository by…

How to get 1000 stars on GitHub in 50 days

Git vs GitHub

I started a GitHub repository about 2 years ago to share some of my work related to solution architecture with a wider community.

When I wrote an article about this repository in December 2020 (less than 2 months ago), I had around 400 stars in the repository (399 to be exact).

From that point to the moment of this writing, I have gained 1052 GitHub stars on that repository within the last 50 days.

Here some are of the tips that anyone can use to achieve this level of success…

We are excited to share the latest work we have done around the solution architecture patterns. Here are the latest articles for the month of January 2021.

Stay tuned to hear more from us.

Let’s select the right integration platform for your business

This article is part III of a series of articles written on the topic. You can find the first 2 articles in the below links.

How to make your Integration platform cloud-native?

The integration platform that you choose should be future-proof and cloud-native or cloud-ready. The layman’s definition of the word cloud-native is “to reap the benefits of the cloud”. At a high-level, cloud computing offers you the capabilities like

  • High availability — available across the globe
  • Elasticity — can scale up and down as and when necessary
  • Scalability — expand to global scales

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